The mother and daughter team of

Kris Herington & Randi Fritsch.

We also can’t forget our littlest “Krickette” Whitney!


The idea for Krickette’s Gift Shop came out of our desire to follow our hearts passion. We have always been in the “retail” business and our journey has taken us from the lemonade stands of our childhood , to craft shows in the summer and on thru to managing major corporate retail operations. We wanted to pursue our entrepreneurial spirit together along with being able to let our creative talents flourish. Thus the idea for Krickette’s was born.

The name “Krickette” is symbolic to us and represents our business philosophy. As Jiminy Cricket so profoundly said, “Let your conscious be your guide”. We wanted to own a store where our guests are valued and appreciated. We wanted to create a store environment where our guests could linger awhile and enjoy the journey of finding that perfect, meaningful gift or personal item. We believe in supporting other entrepreneurs dreams so we feature local artists and made in the USA products whenever we can.

We spend a majority of our time now always on the lookout for those unique finds to make your gift giving easy and those special items that truly make your house a home.

Some keywords describing a Krickette’s symbolic meaning are Joy-Voice-Reason-Freedom-Expression-Protection-Good Luck-Productivity-Hidden Wisdom.  A Krickette’s beautiful song reminds us of the power of a wish felt deep in the heart. In Native American culture a Krickette’s  music is symbolic for one finding their soul song. Opening Krickette’s was our soul song and we hope that you all may be able to hear the whisper of wings throughout your personal journey in life!